Numerical Model-Based Consultancy

We provide project-specific engineering advice based on custom-build simulation software.

Who Are We?

A Team of Engineering Physicists Specialized to Your Engineering Challenges.

With years of experience in numerical modeling, our team of 3 experts is here to help you with your engineering challenges and dreams. We make project-specific simulation software tailored to your engineering needs.

How can we help you?

Challenges in engineering come in all shapes and forms. VBB Advisory completely understands how specific a problem in engineering can be. Hence, we provide project-specific advice on a combination of numerical modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and finite-element analysis. Reach out to us to discuss what is possible. Please have a look at some of our projects below.

Thermal and mechanical analyses of wind turbines

On behalf of Bakker Magnetics, we investigated why Neodymium magnets mounted on rotors could break in some cases. Using simulations, we could identify a cause with mechanical, thermomechanical, and electromagnetic arguments and provide advice on how to solve the problem.

Trajectories of plastic granulate in waterways

Using fluid simulations, we calculated the trajectory of plastic granulate (nurdles) at different initial positions. Knowing the trajectories allowed us to determine a statistical relationship between the downstream position of the granulate and its source location, and, therefore, aid in the data collection of devices used for determining the plastic pollution in rivers.

Optimizing the mixing performance of passive microfluidic mixers

Passive microfluidic mixers used in, for instance, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry benefit from optimized fluid mixing. Using fluid simulations, we analyzed the impact of passive mixing elements on the mixing performance of two liquids in a microtube.

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